Monday, January 28, 2013

Point Reyes Station to Valley Ford

Where we've been so far; not the exact route, but close enough for government work

In fact, my calculations are correct. What confuses me is the town of Valley Ford, where we stop to buy Rainier cherries at a roadside stand.

For reasons that escape me, I now think we are an hour from our destination. We have traveled 24 miles on a slow road since our last stop, when you will recall I thought we were an hour from our destination.

This is not how time and space work. In my defense, I am easily confused.

The cherries are sweet and juicy; we make a vow to stop for cherries whenever we see a roadside stand. In the coming days, we will see several roadside stands. We will stop for precisely zero of them.

On the bright side, our drive just got a lot shorter.

* * *

Well, that wasn't much of a story, so let's take this opportunity to get caught up on anything you might have missed so far:
Also, inquiring minds want to know: What are your favorite places to visit along the California coast?

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